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Brief Introduction of Rectifier Cabinet

Brief Introduction of Rectifier Cabinet

Rectifier unit is the core equipment for power supply to the production. As a key part of the rectifier unit, the rectifier cabinet plays an irreplaceable role. Today we mainly give a brief introduction to the rectifier cabinet.

1. Application of Rectifier Cabinet

This product is widely used in chemical industry, smelting, scientific research and other industries to provide high-power DC power for loads.

2. Current Status of Rectifier Cabinet Operation Mode

At present, the rectifier cabinets of all companies are diode rectifiers, and the main circuit of the main cabinet is a three-phase bridge structure. When the rectifier unit impulses power transmission, the three-phase 220KV AC power supply is output to the rectifier cabinet through the rectifier, and then rectified to DC power supply, so as to supply power to the electrolysis series.

3. Rectifier Cabinet Design

Generally, the rectifier cabinet adopts all-aluminum alloy or stainless-steel magnetized carbon steel cabinet. The non-magnetic properties of aluminum alloy or stainless steel are used to effectively prevent local overheating of the cabinet caused by eddy currents. The integrated design integrates the rectifier cabinet, control cabinet, power distribution cabinet, DC knife switch, and pure water cooler. It not only saves the space for equipment installation but also facilitates on-site installation and debugging. The fully sealed design effectively isolates conductive dust and corrosive gas and also improves the safety as well as the service life of the rectifier equipment. The air cooling and insulation layer design prevent the equipment from being affected by the external ambient temperature, and keep the cabinet maintains a constant temperature inside. The rectifier cabinet can be used outdoors without a plant. A set of complete protection measures can monitor the air temperature, humidity, water temperature, water pressure, water flow, water leakage, air volume, component temperature and so on, and there is no need to inspect the site.

4. Features of Rectifier Cabinet

The cabinet body is generally processed by full numerical control, sprayed with plastics or lacquer as a whole, with a beautiful appearance and strong corrosion resistance. The pressure mounting of components adopts the typical design of balanced fixed stress, which plays the role of double insulation. The faucet adopts special treatment patented parts, no galvanic corrosion, anti-aging, high and low-temperature resistance. And all the conductive busbar joints in the cabinet are nickel-plated.

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