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Brief Introduction of Water Curtain Paint Booth

Brief Introduction of Water Curtain Paint Booth

The water curtain paint booth adopts air induced water lifting to form water curtain. After the air containing paint mist collides with the water curtain, it passes through the water curtain and enters the air-water channel, where it strongly mixes with the water induced by its own high speed. When it enters the gas collecting box, the flow rate suddenly decreases, the gas and water are separated, and the air is discharged into the atmosphere by the exhaust fan after passing through the water baffle. The separated water flows into the overflow tank at the lower part of the gas collecting box and overflows to the water curtain plate through the overflow tank to form a water curtain. The special paint mist flocculant is added to the water tank regularly to condense the paint mist particles which are "cleaned" into the water and float on the water surface to facilitate fishing. At the same time, it can also change the adhesion status of the paint mist, avoid the paint residue adhering to the inside of the equipment, and reduce the maintenance workload of the equipment.

Main uses of water curtain paint booth:

Water curtain paint booth can be widely used in aircraft, locomotive, machinery, electrical instrumentation, light industry and other industries.

The water curtain paint booth has the following main features:

1. By using the high-speed induced water extraction of exhaust air, the exhaust system and the water extraction system are combined into one to form a water circulation system without pumps, which saves the whole water pump circulating water supply system, simplifies the structure and reduces the floor area;

2. After the pump free water supply circulation is realized, the fatal defect of the existing water supply system with various pumps is overcome, and the maintenance workload is reduced;

3. Due to the strong mixing and stirring of the air containing paint mist through the water curtain, the water curtain, and the air-water channel with the water mist, a multi-stage purification process is formed, which improves the purification efficiency;

4. Adding paint mist treatment agent in water will destroy the adhesion of paint mist. The agglomerates sink into the bottom of the tank, which is easy to clean and ensure the ventilation effect;

The water curtain paint booth has the advantages of novel structure, reliable performance, high purification efficiency of paint mist, and simple use and maintenance. It is a new ideal equipment for labor protection and environmental protection in painting industry.

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