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Collection and Purification of Cabinet Spray Booth Exhaust Gas

Collection and Purification of Cabinet Spray Booth Exhaust Gas

1. Waste Gas Purification Tower of Cabinet Spray Booth

Working principle of activated carbon adsorption tower: organic gas or particulate matter in workshop is collected by gas collecting hood, and organic gas is transported into activated carbon tower by pipeline. When the organic gas enters the waste gas purification tower of the cabinet spray booth, the wind speed will drop down, and the large particles in the gas will naturally settle into the bottom of the tower. The part of the organic gas dissolved in the gas flows into the activated carbon filter layer along with the gas flow. When organic gas enters the carbon layer, the organic gas is absorbed into the carbon by the activated carbon. The dried-up air passes through the carbon layer and enters the gas outlet, and the gas is discharged into the atmosphere after mechanical self-absorption. In the adsorption process of the activated carbon layer, the carbon will have a saturated period of time. The length of the activated carbon saturation process is directly related to the concentration of the gas contained in the gas itself and the length of working time.

2. Absorption of Paint Exhaust Gas in the Cabinet Spray Booth

(1) Acid waste gas and acid mist

(1) Alkaline waste gas

(1) Organic waste gas and odor (benzene, phenol, alcohol, ether, tincture)

The activated carbon adsorption box can meet GB16297-1996 "Comprehensive Emission Standard of Air Pollutants" for exhaust gas with a concentration lower than 1000mg/m3 after purification.

3. The Scope of Application of activated carbon adsorption box

The activated carbon adsorption box is especially suitable for the working environment of low concentration and large air volume or high concentration of intermittent exhaust gas discharge. The main application areas include: electronic component production, battery (battery) production, pickling workshop, laboratory exhaust, metallurgy, chemical plants, pharmaceutical production plants, painting workshops, food and brewing, furniture production.

Activated carbon adsorption box can be used together with spray paint room, drying room, and spray drying room to treat organic waste gas.

4. Adsorption Unit of activated carbon adsorption box

The adsorption unit is the core component installed in the activated carbon adsorption box. Each adsorption unit can be filled with about 35kg of adsorbent (granular activated carbon, activated carbon fiber felt, etc.). The adsorption unit is installed in a layered drawer in the equipment box, which can not only be easily taken out from the inspection doors on both sides, but also the inspection doors are easy to open and tightly sealed.

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