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Components of Paint Production Line

Components of Paint Production Line

The seven main components of the paint production line include pre-processing equipment, powder-coating system, painting equipment, oven, heat source system, electronic control system and suspended conveyor chain.

1. Pre-processing equipment

Spraying multi-station pre-processing unit is a standard equipment for surface processing, the principle of which is to use mechanical flushing to accelerate the chemical reaction to complete the process of degreasing, phosphating, washing and other functions. Pre-processing can also use the shot blasting machine which is suitable for simple structure, severe corrosion, no oil or less oil steel parts, and no water pollution.

2. Powder-coating system

The mini air fan + filter element recovery unit for powder coating is the more advanced and faster powder recovery unit with fast colour change. It is recommended to use products with good performance for the critical part of the powder-coating system.

3. Painting equipment

Such as oil spray paint booth, water curtain spray paint booth, widely used in the surface coating of bicycles, automotive steel spring, large loaders.

4. Oven

The oven is one of the critical equipments in the coating production line of painting line manufacturer; its temperature uniformity is an important indicator to ensure the quality of the coating. The heating mode of the oven has radiation, hot air circulation and radiation + hot air circulation, etc. According to the production program, it can be divided into single-chamber and pass type, etc.; equipment forms are straight through and bridge type. The hot air circulation oven has good heat preservation, the uniform temperature inside the oven, lower heat loss, and the temperature difference inside the oven is less than ±30℃ after testing.

5. Heat source system

Hot air circulation is a more common heating method, which uses the principle of convection conduction to heat the oven.

6. Electronic control system

The electrical control of painting and painting production line has centralised and single-column control. Centralised control can use programmable logic controller (PLC) to control the host computer, automatically control each process according to the control program prepared, and collect data and monitor and alarm. Single column control is a standard control method in the painting production line, each process is controlled in a single column, and the electric control box (cabinet) is set near the equipment, with low cost, intuitive operation and easy maintenance.

7. Suspended conveyor chain

The suspended conveyor is the conveying system of the industrial assembly line and painting line, and the accumulative suspended conveyor is used in L=10-14m storage rack and special-shaped street light alloy steel pipe painting line.

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