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Details to Pay Attention to when Buying Coating Equipment

Details to Pay Attention to when Buying Coating Equipment

Nowadays, paint production equipment is widely used in the modern application of coating industry. When many coating line manufacturers choose spraying equipment, because their performance and scope of application are not very clear, the details that need to be paid attention to when buying spraying equipment are as follows:

1. Practicability of paint production equipment

The choice of automatic paint production equipment is not only the spraying process that can meet the production requirements, but also the product quality requirements, reducing the working efficiency of the coating, and adapting the product and the sprayed workpiece, the output, the coating machine and the coating process method used, and consider the actual situation, reasonable workshop planning, convenience of the operating environment, safety, etc.

2. Performance of paint production equipment

For paint production equipment, the powdering rate and powdering effect are more important factors. For equipment in different places, the powdering rate is naturally different. For example, the powdering capacity of the high-voltage built-in electrostatic powder sprayer is far greater than that of the high-voltage external product.

3. Stability of paint production equipment

If a product does not have good stability after being put into application, its role is limited. Coating production equipment used in industrial sites is different from home appliances because it is greatly affected by the environment. Sometimes, even long hours of work will not stop, so the requirements for industrial equipment are more stringent.

4. The operability of paint production equipment

The automatic spray painting should follow simple operation, reduce cost, energy saving, high degree of automation, and convenient maintenance and management.

5. Safety of paint production equipment

To ensure that the health of operators is not affected, the air supply system ensures that the air in the workshop is purified, and the exhaust system is good, reducing costs. Make the paint production equipment achieve the purpose of saving manpower, labor and reasonable, energy-saving and emission reduction.

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