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Develop the Habit of Maintaining Paint Sprayer

Develop the Habit of Maintaining Paint Sprayer

1. Every day before the use of automated paint sprayer, check whether the grounding protection is intact. The grounding wire plays an important role in protecting the safety of equipment and personnel, and phenomena such as abnormal grounding are not allowed to appear.

2. Before using the paint sprayer, check whether the oil pipe leaks, whether the air pipe leaks, and other phenomena. If any adverse phenomena are found, the machine cannot be started before the problems are dealt with. Periodically or frequently check the leakage at the hose and its connection parts.

3. After the shutdown of each shift, wipe the paint stains attached to the cavity wall of the spraying space of the paint sprayer and the paint stains attached to the cylinder and hose to prevent the hose from hardening. At the same time, clean all parts of the machine and the surrounding working environment.

4. Check the oil pollution and oil amount in the motor and worm gearbox once a week, and add or change the oil if necessary.

5. Check the lubrication of the sprocket and chain of the paint sprayer once a week and whether the chain is tensioned. If it is slack, the tensioning wheel can be adjusted to tighten the chain.

6. Regularly replace the cleaning solvent in the rolling brush box of the paint sprayer, and remove the paint stains deposited in the box and on the rolling brush.

7. Regularly or frequently remove the paint stains on the conveyor belt of the line paint sprayer.

8. The spray gun should be kept clean and cleaned carefully. Do not decompose the spray gun at will except for failure or replacement of spare parts.

9. Do not drop the spray gun to the ground or hit it with other objects.

10. The nozzle is an important component of the spray gun. The nozzle is the key to the spray gun, so it is necessary to maintain the nozzle and protect it from any damage. At the end of each operation, the nozzle should be cleaned carefully.

11. When the nozzle is blocked in cleaning, do not use metal wire and other materials to puncture it. You should soak it with solvent first, then blow it with compressed air. Do not use metal brush to clean the nozzle.

12. The nozzle should also be cleaned frequently during the operation, otherwise the coating attached to the nozzle will affect the quality of spraying.

13. After use, the paint on the paint sprayer should be cleaned in time, and the remaining paint should be recycled.

Cleaning and maintaining the paint sprayer is important. Don't be perfunctory.

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