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Environmentally-friendly Water Curtain Automatic Spray Booth Structure Device

Environmentally-friendly Water Curtain Automatic Spray Booth Structure Device

The environmentally friendly water curtain automatic spray booth is composed of pool, room body, lighting system (LED explosion-proof), water curtain device, exhaust device, air supply dynamic pressure chamber, air inlet filter device, circulating water system, purified air supply patio, etc.

1. The body and water curtain of automatic spray booth

The size of the main body of the automatic spray booth is based on the design drawings. The material of the room body is made of SUS304-1.5mm stainless steel plate to make the bottom sink, and the rear part is made of SUS304-2.0mm stainless steel plate. There is a filter slag tank with manual feed and drain valves. The front and sides of the stainless steel plate are stainless steel SUS304-1.5mm. There are entrance and exit holes on both sides of the chamber body for the workpiece to enter and exit, and an efficient wind cutting device is set to ensure the balance of the wind pressure.

At the same time, the spray booth needs to be slightly negative pressure; the sink material is t2.0SUS-304#. The tank body is divided into main tank and auxiliary tank. The tank liquid flows into the auxiliary tank after secondary filtration. The design of the baffle fully takes into account the convenience of disassembly and maintenance; the three-sided water curtain, the water curtain board is a single-stage water curtain, the angle and level of the overflow tank and water curtain board are made of stainless steel with a thickness of 1.5mm. The upper part of the tank body has a scroll washing structure; the circulating pump adopts a vertical high-quality centrifugal pump, and the layout of the pump fully considers the maintenance space.

The water curtain inlet main pipe is located outside the top plate. Multiple straight pipes are used to introduce water into the water storage tank. Each straight pipe is equipped with a regulating valve. The circulating pool is equipped with slag blocking and filtering devices. The water and gas separation is made of stainless steel. There is an access door behind the curtain spray booth, and the water baffle is detachable.

The back of the water curtain is equipped with a stainless steel water baffle, and the filter device inside the spraying room is made of stainless steel mesh, with a secondary filter and an overflow device.

2. The air supply, filtration and air supply patio of automatic spray booth

Air is supplied to the automatic spray booth, which enters from the top of the painting room, except for the high-efficiency filter at the top of the painting room, to ensure the uniformity and cleanness of the air supply. The operation room is closed, the lighting brightness is above 80 OLux, and the lighting lamp is placed on the side of the spray room, using explosion-proof method. The air supply at the top and the air extraction at the bottom should be uniform and form a slight negative pressure. The floor of the operation area is covered with stainless steel SUS304-1.0, 5mm tempered glass inspection window, and external fluorescent lamp lighting.

The material of the air supply patio device chamber body is SUS304-1.5, bolted connection, glass glue seal, the patio filter is a 10,000-grade high-efficiency filter, the frame is made of stainless steel flat steel, the sealing material is foam rubber, and the filter compression device is designed. A protective net is installed on the front and back of the filter to adjust the spraying room to form a positive and negative pressure.

3. The circulating water system of automatic spray booth

The circulating water pump is equipped with a pipeline pump. The UV spray cabinet uses a stainless steel pump, a stainless steel pipeline and a drain valve, a 4-inch butterfly valve, a stainless steel elbow, an exhaust fan for the exhaust device, shock-absorbing rubber on the base of each fan, and an inlet and outlet. Waterproof canvas, air duct galvanized sheet-T0.8mm, flange connection, multi-page manual adjustment air valve, with scale indication. The area of the automatic spray booth is required to be equipped with an automatic alarm device for solvent concentration.

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