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Fire and Explosion Protection Measures for Paint Production Line

Fire and Explosion Protection Measures for Paint Production Line

During the operation of the painting production line, due to the majority of the employees have limited knowledge of the workplace safety of coating, gas, natural gas, it has directly caused the fire, explosion and other safety accidents occurring on-site from time to time which not only make the firm itself face economic losses, but also bring significant health hazards to the employees, and even at a life-threatened level. For this reason, fire prevention and explosion-proof measures for painting production line can't be delayed!

1. Smoking and carrying lighters, matches and other inflammable materials are prohibited in the painting construction site.

2. When the coating workshop needs hot fire maintenance welding, it is necessary to first go through the fire consent procedures, agree to suspend coating operations. Before using fire, anything inflammable should be cleaned in 30 meters of the worksite within the paint scale; paint bucket, paint tank should be sealed, the concentration of organic solvent vapour in the air shall not exceed the lower limit of blasting 1/3, to prevent any potential fire accident.

3. Spraying workshop is necessary to set up robust ventilation equipment; natural ventilation conditions should be considered functional. Paint ixing room, paint-spray room and drying room, apart from some ventilation equipment, the concentration of mixed gases should also be measured at any time to prevent reaching the risk limit. If there is a risk of fire, the ventilation equipment should be closed immediately.

4. The painting workshop, in addition to the production of materials directly needed, shall not accumulate a large number of flammable and combustible materials, to avoid causing a fire.

5. Prevent impacting sparks. Work that can cause sparks is not allowed in the coating workshop. Do not hit metal paint buckets with iron rods to open up, do not wear shoes with nails or use sparks-prone tools. When striking is needed, please use copper tools to avoid impacting sparks.

6. Prevent electrical sparks. Electrical equipment can result in a fire accident and explosion due to the overload of intense heat in electric wires. Therefore, the lighting in the painting workshop should have explosion-proof devices, insulated circuits and equipment should be checked regularly to see if there is any damage to the insulation if the motor is overloaded. Electrical appliances and instruments that can produce sparks are not allowed to be used. On the site where solvents are used, it is forbidden to install switchgear, switchboards, circuit breakers and common electric motors. The grounding of electrical equipment used in anti-corrosion construction plants must be firm and reliable. Three-wire plugs must be used.

7. Anti-static. During the construction, friction inevitably occurs while painting, generating static electricity. Therefore, in order to prevent the generation of electrostatic sparks, the equipment pipes and containers must be effectively grounded, and the painting production line site should be equipped with appropriate fire-fighting equipment to prevent the occurrence of accidents.

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