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Functions and Classification of Paint Booth

Functions and Classification of Paint Booth

Ⅰ. Functions of paint booth

1. The paint booth can prevent the outside dust particles and over-spray paint mist from falling on the wet coating film surface of the workpiece, resulting in the surface defects of the coating after drying.

2. The paint booth can capture the paint mist splashed in the air during the spray painting process, so as to prevent it from being discharged into the atmosphere, polluting the surrounding living environment and causing harm to people's health.

3. The paint booth can provide a suitable temperature, humidity and light condition to ensure the painting quality.

4. The paint booth creates a good working environment for the construction personnel, ensures the health of the staff, and is conducive to the guarantee of the coating quality.

Ⅱ. Classification of paint booth

1. According to the nature of coating production, it can be divided into two types: intermittent production paint booth and continuous production paint booth.

The intermittent production paint booth is mostly used for painting single workpiece, small batch workpieces, or large batch painting of small workpieces. According to the way of workpiece placement, there are table type paint booth, hanging type paint booth and movable type paint booth. The intermittent production paint booth is mostly open. The continuous production paint booth is used for coating a large number of workpieces. Generally, it is the passing through type, and workpieces aitransport machinery. The continuous production paint booth can be combined with pretreatment equipment used before painting, film curing equipment and transportation machinery to form an automatic paint production line. This kind of paint booth can be equipped with pre-painting preparation room and drying room at the inlet and outlet.

2. According to the mode of air supply and exhaust, it can be divided into open type paint booth and closed type (air supply type) paint booth.

The open type paint booth is only equipped with an exhaust system, without an independent air supply device. It can draw air directly from the workshop and is suitable for general painting. The closed type paint booth is equipped with an independent air supply and exhaust system, which can absorb fresh air from outside and does not interfere with the air exchange and heating system in the painting workshop. It is suitable for decorative painting. The air supply and exhaust modes are vertical laminar flow (i.e. upper supply and lower extraction) and horizontal laminar flow (i.e. side supply, side extraction or side lower corner extraction).

3. According to the treatment of paint mist, it can be divided into dry type paint booth and wet type paint booth.

The dry type paint booth uses direct capture, which refers to capture and treat paint mist with the help of filter materials or equipment such as paint baffles and filter layers (bags). The wet type paint booth uses indirect capture, which refers to clean the exhausted air and capture paint mist of the paint booth with the help of the circulating water system. Its working principle is that paint coagulant is added in the circulating water to make the paint mist lose its stickiness.

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