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How to Effectively Improve the Efficiency of the Coating Production Line

How to Effectively Improve the Efficiency of the Coating Production Line

The production of coating is a high degree of automation. A systematic and continuous process starts from the raw material, and goes through a series of techniques such as de-oiling, phosphating, cleaning, drying, powder spraying, curing, etc., until the next step. The workpieces run at a uniform speed in the production line, and no stopping points are allowed in between, which is the primary production characteristic of a painting production line.

In actual production, the following methods can be used to improve the efficiency of the painting production line.

1. Start from the coating hangers, improve the utilisation rate of the hangers

Through the scientific design of the hangers, under the condition of ensuring no more than the overhanging load, increase the hanging point of a single hanger, it can significantly improv the effective utilisation rate of the hangers or even several times more. The actual production capacity of the coating production line is broadly beyond desired results.

2. Use of new types of chemicals before coating

The use of new low-temperature phosphating and degreasing agents greatly shortens the warming process. In addition, the new phosphating agent has the characteristic of low-dreg, which reduces the time to clean the tank slag, and increases the effective working time while facilitating the production management to improve the production efficiency. Moreover, the new type of pre-coating agent significantly reduces energy consumption and saves production cost due to its lower temperature requirement; it is a good deal to strike two birds with one stone.

3. Improve the equipment and increase the spare tank

During the peak production season, the coating production line of painting line manufacturer also runs 24 hours a day. Due to the increased output, the tank in the degreasing and pre-degreasing tanks often needs to be replaced within a few days, and part of the production time is taken up by replacing the tank. In order to ensure product quality without delaying production time, the line can be modified by connecting a degreasing tank and a pre-degreasing tank in parallel with the original degreasing tank and pre-degreasing tank. 

In this way, no matter when the tank is changed, the production time will not be affected, and only the other tank needs to be prepared in advance. This is also an effective way to increase production efficiency.

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