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How to Solve the Pollution Caused by Automatic Spray Coating Machine?

How to Solve the Pollution Caused by Automatic Spray Coating Machine?

1. What are the pollution caused by painting machinery and equipment?

People in the painting machinery and equipment industry should notice that during the spraying process, it is easy to pollute the environment and cause damage to the spraying workers. With the implementation of new environmental regulations and strict investigations, many spraying companies that do not comply with environmental regulations need to be corrected or even closed. However, the use of Xinminte automatic spray coating machine can make the workpiece spraying meet the environmental requirements and avoid harm to the operator.

Air pollution and wastewater pollution are the two main types of pollution in the traditional spraying process. The primary reason for the automatic spray coating machine to meet the emission requirements is that the active spray line has the following characteristics: the active spray line has the characteristics of wastewater pollution and air pollution.

2. How does the automatic spray coating machine solve the pollution in spraying?

(1) Wastewater pollution

Wastewater pollution is mainly caused by the remaining paint spraying and equipment cleaning and repairing. However, because the paint spray cabinet of the automatic spray coating machine is equipped with recycling paint equipment, the excess paint can be recycled and sprayed, the paint wastewater generated from cleaning and protection equipment is discharged after wastewater treatment. Therefore, the waste water of the automatic spray painting meets the discharge requirements. The recycling of paint can also increase the utilization rate of paint and reduce the cost of spraying production.

(2) Air pollution

Air pollution in the spraying process is mainly caused by solvent volatilization and excessive spray paint. A spray cabinet or water curtain cabinet is added to the reciprocating sprayer of the automatic spray coating machine. During the spraying process of the painting machinery and equipment, the remaining spray paint is dripped into the water through the water curtain of the water curtain cabinet, the exhaust gas is purified by the air purification device, and discharged into the air after reaching the emission requirements, which will not pollute the environment and will not cause damage to the operators.

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