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Painting Lines for Appliance

Home appliance shell spraying line:

The company specializes in designing and manufacturing household appliance shell spraying lines, which are widely used in TVs, phones, computers, electric fans and other products to improve the quality of product surface spraying, modify the spraying environment, and reduce spray booth cost.

Overview of surface preparation:

Commonly used equipment for surface pretreatment is spray, immersion, and spray combined. The cleaning principle is to use chemical reactions to complete degreasing, phosphating, cleaning and other processes. The liquid circulation and spraying are provided by the pump, and each process is separated by a door hole plate to prevent the liquid from channeling. Each liquid heating mode has inside and outside tank. The inner heaters include heat pipes, serpentine tubes and corrugated plates, etc.; the outer heaters include row tubes, plate heaters, etc., and the heating medium includes hot water, steam, and heat transfer oil. At the same time, the degreasing and phosphating processes are respectively equipped with a degreasing system and a slag removal system. In order to prevent steam from overflowing in each heating section, an exhaust fan is installed on the top.

Typical processes are: degreasing, water washing, surface conditioning, phosphating, passivation, water washing, pure water washing.

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