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Shelf Industry

Painting Lines for Shelf Industry

Storage shelves are storage equipment, based on the six basic functions of logistics: packaging, transportation, loading and unloading, sorting, and information management. With the continuous development of the storage rack industry, more and more industries and companies have used storage racks, and more and more companies have entered the storage industry. The spraying line determines the quality of the shelf forming, so the application of the spraying production line in the storage industry is also very important.

1. Paint surface coloring

The use of baking varnish for surface coloring will inevitably reduce the cost. However, the surface of the baking varnish is too thin, insufficient adhesion, and poor anti-rust effect. After the shelf leaves the factory, it has to go through multiple transfer links and installation links. The spraying caused by these processes The surface loss is so great that the later stage of the project has not been completed, and the appearance of the shelf surface has been completely changed.

2. High-end spray gun type high-temperature powder coloring line

Generally, relatively high-end storage rack factories have abandoned the surface coloring method of surface baking paint, and adopted a high-cost high-end spray gun type high-temperature powder coloring line. This type of spraying line is generally used by well-known large factories that pay attention to quality. This spraying method is The advantage is that there will be no major surface loss during the tossing link of each shelf transportation and installation, and the oxidation expansion of general powder is better than that of baking paint, not to mention the storage shelves produced by manufacturers that use high-end powder! The useful life will be greatly extended!

3. Spraying will also cause safety during shelf use

The steel used in storage shelves before use is brand new when the toughness is maintained best. However, if the steel undergoes oxidation and corrosion, problems such as embrittlement and reduced toughness will occur. Therefore, if the storage shelf is used for a long time, due to insufficient surface coloring and rust expansion, it will cause embrittlement and corrosion after the shelf is used for a period of time. , Resulting in a decrease in the toughness of the storage shelf, and the load-bearing capacity is greatly reduced compared with the first use, which will cause safety hazards!

4. Advantages of electrostatic spraying in rush shelves

The electrostatic spraying technology used in warehouse shelves has the advantages of high coating efficiency, excellent coating film performance, no solvent volatilization, little environmental pollution, low energy consumption, short production cycle, and easy realization of coating automation.

   The quality of a storage shelf has a lot to do with its production technology. A qualified shelf manufacturer must have a systematic plan for production. Good spraying can not only prevent the shelf from rust, but also further enhance the shelf life.

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