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Key Process Management Points of E Coating Line

Key Process Management Points of E Coating Line

Nowadays, due to the backward process management (awareness) of many E Coating lines and the lack of maintenance knowledge, it directly leads to various problems of uneven painting film quality after the production of electrophoretic painting. The following is a brief description of the process management points of E Coating line, and we hope it will help those who need to understand the maintenance of the coating line process equipment.

I. The benefits of replacing the washing water in electrophoretic coating frequently

1. The frequent replacement of washing water after degreasing will reduce the oil pollution that is carried into the next process as much as possible, especially into the electrophoresis bath, which will lead to the problem of shrinkage cavity;

2. The frequent replacement of washing water after electrophoresis will reduce the occurrence of dry paint marks and secondary flow marks. The replacement frequency is recommended to be once per shift (when one shift is at full load). It is recommended to use fresh water to spray and wash it (or use high-pressure water torch to spray it) when the electrophoresis is off-line, which will have benefits on the appearance of electrophoresis paint film.

3. It is recommended to open the overflow groove or overflow hole in each wash tank to facilitate the outflow of surface dirt (oil slick, ash, etc.)

II. About the pretreatment: It is recommended to do the pretreatment before the workpiece is on-line.

Pretreatments include grinding floating rust, removing oil in advance, etc. There should be no obvious floating rust, heavy rust, or oil on the workpiece surface. Especially for the degreasing tanks with no circulation or the lines with poor circulation and poor heating, the pre-scrubbing must be enhanced to achieve a good degreasing effect. Effective pretreatment can also shorten the degreasing time, prolong the service life of degreasing bath and ensure the degreasing effect.

III. Sewage discharge tank

In many E Coating lines, you may forget to install the sewage discharge tank around each tank body during the installation of the coating production line, which will lead to the inability to drain sewage. At the same time, it is recommended to set aside a sewage tank station when electrophoresis is offline. One purpose is to facilitate the drying of the off-line electrophoresis workpiece, the other is to carry out manual spray cleaning in this station and improve the appearance of the paint film.

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