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Notices for the Use and Management of E-coating Equipment

Notices for the Use and Management of E-coating Equipment

A brief introduction of electrophoretic painting

Electrophoretic painting is a painting method in which particles such as mill base and epoxy resin floating in the electrophoretic liquid are transferred and deposited on the substrate surface of one of the electrodes by adding an additional electrostatic field. Electrophoretic painting is an extremely complex electrochemical corrosion process, which includes at least four processes such as electrophoresis, electrostacking, electroosmosis and electrolysis. 

According to the bulk property, electrophoresis painting can be divided into anodic oxidation electrophoresis (the workpiece is anodic oxidation, the coating is cationic) and negative electrophoresis (the workpiece is negative, the coating is positive ion type).  According to the switching power supply, it can be divided into DC electrophoresis and communication AC electrophoresis. According to the processing technology, it includes constant operating voltage method and constant current method.

Notices for the use and management of e-coating equipment

Proper use and efficient management of e-coating equipment are very important for efficient production. There are notices for the use and management of e-coating equipment, hope it will be helpful for you.

  • Cooperate and arrange various types of e-coating equipment reasonably based on the production characteristics and technological process of enterprises.

  • Find out the performance, structure as well as technical and economic characteristics of the paint production equipment, then appropriately arrange the production tasks and the workload of e-coating equipment.

  • The e-coating equipment should be equipped with operators of a certain level of proficiency.

  • Create a good working condition for e-coating equipment: 

1. Install necessary devices for safety protection, dust prevention, moisture prevention, corrosion prevention, warmth and cooling.

2. Necessary instruments and apparatus for measurement, control and insurance shall be prepared.

3. Separate studios are required for precision machinery and equipment. It should place strict requirements on studio temperature, humidity, dust prevention, quakeproof property and other conditions.

  • It is necessary to regularly publicize and educate employees about the correct use and maintaince of e-coating equipment.

  • Formulate regulations and systems related to the use and maintenance of e-coating equipment, establish and improve the related post responsibility system.

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