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Process Analysis of Painting Machinery and Equipment

Process Analysis of Painting Machinery and Equipment

In order to make the utilization rate of painting machinery and equipment reach a relatively high level, it is necessary to establish a reasonable painting production line. First of all, we must determine the production program, complete the process design as well as the program planning, and then we can carry out the design, manufacturing and installation of non-standard equipment. Therefore, the process design and program planning are the bases for the establishment of production lines. A correct and reasonable route will have a decisive impact on the production operation and product quality. The process design mainly includes the workpiece surface painting quality requirements, pretreatment method, spraying method, process flow, painting performance, spraying environment, time and so on.

1. The purpose of painting by painting machinery and equipment

Through the painting process of painting machinery and equipment, the paint on the coated surface forms a firm continuous painting and plays its role in decoration, protection and special functions.

2. Painting factors of painting machinery and equipment

The key points of painting engineering: painting technology and equipment, painting materials, working environment, and painting management.

The quality of the coated material is the basic condition to obtain a high-quality painting. The painting technology, equipment, and environment are the necessary conditions to give full play to the properties of painting materials, obtain high-quality painting, reduce production cost and gain the best economic benefit. Painting management is an important condition to ensure the implementation of the developed technology, ensure the stability of the painting quality, achieve the purpose of painting and realize the best economic benefit.

3. Painting machinery and equipment

The main paint production equipment includes surface pretreatment equipment, painting equipment, coating drying and curing equipment, mechanized conveying equipment, dust-free constant temperature, and humidity air supply equipment, and other auxiliary equipment.

4. Methods of painting by painting machinery and equipment

There are many methods of painting, such as brushing, dipping, air spraying, high pressure air-free spraying, electrostatic spraying, electrophoretic painting, spray painting and roll coating method.

5. Painting environment of painting machinery and equipment

The ideal painting environment should meet the requirements of good lighting, appropriate temperature, proper humidity, clean air, good ventilation as well as fire and explosion prevention.

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