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Blasting Booths

Blasting Booths

Blasting Booths Components:

  • Sandblasting booth body

  • Lighting system

  • Mechanical recycling system-screw conveyor

  • Sand (pill) separation and purification system

  • Ventilation and dust removal system

  • Workpiece conveying system 

  • Operation control electrical system

Sand Blasting Booths Applications:

Sand blasting booths are suitable for pretreatment in medium and large houses, such as: rough parts, castings, heat treatment parts, steel structures, containers, transformer shells, special-shaped pieces of glass, shipbuilding, large machinery, steel structure parts, pipes, steel water tanks, large-scale sandblasting of workpieces such as sheet metal parts.

According to user requirements, we can design large-scale sandblasting production lines and shot blasting booths that meet the requirements.

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