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Cabinet Spray Booth

Cabinet Spray Booth

Cabinet spray booth is mainly used in surface spraying industries such as furniture, power machinery, port machinery, etc. It is designed to filter the end of the booth to improve the air quality of the spray booth.

Cabinet spray booth for sale is mainly used for exhaust gas treatment equipment in paint spray assembly line workshops of all walks of life. So as to purify the painting working environment and protect the health of the operator. it can also enhance the surface finish of the painted workpiece. The cabinet shop paint spray booth is simple to operate, stable and safe, and it is a new type of environmental protection equipment worth promoting.

Advantages of Cabinet Spray Booth

The cabinet spray booth has high filtration efficiency, flame-retardant, anti-static, simple replacement, clean work site, and good economic performance. It is suitable for manual painting, electrostatic spraying, high-pressure airless painting and other production equipment. Cabinet spray paint booths are mainly used in the surface spraying industry such as furniture, power machinery, port machinery, spray painting booths, etc. 

It is widely used in the surface spraying of hardware, plastics, toys, wood furniture, ceramics and other industries.

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