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E Coating Line

E Coating Line

The e coating, also known as electrocoating, was originally developed for applying an anti-corrosive coating over steel car bodies in the car paint line. Electrophoretic coating process (E coating process) such as the XMT e coat paint process in the coating production line is used for coating a wide range of consumer goods including hardware, auto parts, vehicle body, truck cabin, and many other items. XMT as one of the best e-coating suppliers in the world provides excellent e-coating services, e-coat system and e-coating equipment for sale.

Users recognize the ability of electrocoating process to paint high production volumes of parts with a unique combination of decoration and protection. Material utilization is close to 100%. This high production efficiency coupled with advanced quality results in a lower e coating price.

E Coating Equipment for Sale By Application

Components of E Coating Equipment

  • pre-treatment rinse tank

  • electrophoresis tanks

  • spray tank

  • conveyor system

  • electrophoresis rectifier power supply

  • ultrafiltration filter system

  • reverse osmosis pure water unit

  • oil water separate

  • plate heat exchanger

  • pressure filter machine

  • sedimentation tower

  • paint drying oven and more…

In common, the solution of the e coat system is used in car painting line for big size workpiece and heavy parts, like car white body, truck cabin, bus white body, also can be used for small auto parts, for example, spring E-coating line, bicycle parts E-coating line, motorcycle parts electrophoresis coating line.

The electrophoretic painting process involves the whole automatic painting line, which is controlled by PLC and manual-machine touch screen.

Advantages of E Coating Equipment

1. The electrophoretic coating can be completely dissolved and emulsified in water, and the viscosity of the prepared bath is very low, which is similar to that of water. It is easy to penetrate into the cavity structure and gap of the workpiece (coated material) immersed in the bath.

2. The electrocoating line has high conductivity, and the electrocoat paint particles can be lively and permanently deposited on the object to be coated. The conductivity of the wet coating film is small. As the wet coating film thickens, its resistance increases. When it reaches a certain resistance value, it will no longer be electrodeposited. The version is based on these two points, and the electrograph swimming equipment has good swimming permeability and can generate a relatively uniform coating film.

3. The solid content of the bath liquid is low, the viscosity is small, the paint taken out of the tank by the workpiece is less, and can be recycled by the ultrafiltration equipment(UF) and the reverse osmosis (RO) device.

4. The e coating film has strong adhesion and high rust resistance (the salt spray corrosion resistance of the 20μm thick anode electrocoating film is more than 300h, and the cathode electrocoating coating film is more than 1000h).

5. The solvent (water-soluble solvent) content of the electrocoating line solution is low, and it can't be burned by the torch ignition, so there is less worry about fire and explosion on site.

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