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Motorcycle Paint Booth

Motorcycle Paint Booth

The XMT motorcycle paint booth for sale is designed for extended service and production requirements for surface finishing. All types of Paint booth are manufactured with good quality galvanized steel. This provides a longer life for your investment. Construction is fast & easy with the engineered panels and self tapping TEK screws.

XMT-8000(top Fan) Spray Paint Room Technical Parameters




Painting power/kW

Baking power/kW






Main door

1.The door is made of three-off and sheet metal.
2.The inner and outer panels of the door are made of 0.6mm galvanized sheet by laser cutting and bending, the inner and outer coatings are used to reduce surface scratches, and the inner circumference of the door is welded by dragon skeleton to ensure strength;
3.The fixed hinge is 6mm cold rolling steel ensures that the door does not deform, does not sag, and the 5mm tempered glass observation window is installed on the door and side door.
4.The door is filled with 14kg flame-retardant EPS material and special glue to ensure the overall leveling;

Work door/escape door

W700*H18001-off, special aluminum alloy profile edging,to ensure that the seal is not deformed, and the side door is equipped with a pressure lock to solve the problem of overpressure in the room;

Wall panel

50mm flame retardant EPS foam board, iron inner thickness 0.426mm, outer thickness 0.426mm, EPS weight: 14kg, keel on both sides.The deformation can be reduced, the wind pressure resistance is increased, and the overall shape is beautiful after assembly;

Top panels

The galvanized sheet is bent and assembled, and the thickness of the steel plate is 0.8 mm;


1.The four surrounding plates of the platform are made of 1.2 galvanized sheet laser cutting and bending.
2.The heavy support bracket of the platform is made of 4*8cm square tube,and equipped with two 30*4mm 6-way reinforced grating boards.
3.The total surface of the grid is 12 pieces. Grille surface with anti-slip rack.
4.Three 4mm anti-slip tread plate surface electrostatic spray pattern plate back encryption support to ensure strength;
5.Two-way W630mm*L2000mm anti-skid pattern upslope, thickness 0.4mm;

Lighting system

All use LED lighting tubes, 45 degrees inside the roof with shadowless lights, with 8 groups * 3 * 16W.
It also works fine when the power supply is as low as 180 volts.
Illuminance: 1000lx;

Air supply and exhaust system

2 silent air-conditioning fans, each power is 1.5KW, total air volume: 20000m3/h;
installed at the top of the spray booth, top air inlet,
wind speed: 0.3m/s;
air exchange times: 260times/h;

Heating system

Radiation heating by infrared lamp, 10 groups baking lamps, each group with 3 lamps, each with a power of 1.0kw; total power: 30kw;
External type, lower door, baking lamp power line with 2.5 square high temperature protection cover wire and the groove are made of 0.6mm color steel plate bending;

Electric control system

The cabinet is made of 1.5mm galvanized sheet by bending and welding, and the surface is electrostatically sprayed. All of them are well-known brand electric appliances at home and abroad. They are equipped with total control, fan, lighting, heating, independent circuit breaker control, and paint switch. Work indicator, paint temperature control, time setting, fan overload protection, emergency stop, each two groups of lamps is an independent control;

Air purification system

The inlet filter cotton is imported high-quality filter cotton, which effectively filters dust larger than 10 microns; the top high-efficiency filter cotton is imported from the Netherlands CC-600G top sub-high efficiency filter cotton, effectively filtering dust larger than 5 microns. TSP value: ≤1.4mg/m3;

Air duct configuration

3 straight, 1 elbow; straight: 700*700*1000, elbow: 700*700*R300
Customers need to provide cable to the control box: non-standard 16 square or national standard 10 square;

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