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Paint Booth

Paint Booth

There are different types of paint booths in the market, including dry type paint booth, water curtain paint booth, and water retrieving paint booth. According to different functions, we have automotive paint booth, industrial paint booth, truck paint chamber, motorcycle paint room; as one of the leading paint booth companies, our paint booth types include side downdraft spray booth, semi downdraft painting booth, cross-flow paint coating booth, reverse flow paint coating chamber; and other coating booth include gas heated spray booth, diesel heated spray booth, infrared spray booth, etc.

Industrial Paint Booth for Sale

By method
  • Spray Booth

    Spray Booth

    XMT provides reliable, cost-effective spray booth for painting automotive vehicles and parts. Designed small, medium, or big size shops, spray booth's with feature quality guaranteed, bright, col...
  • Powder Coat Booth

    Powder Coat Booth

    Powder coat booth category Batch powder booths Catridge batch powder booths Pass though powder booths Lab powder booths
BY Application

More about the Industrial Paint Booth Systems

  • The pre-treatment of the paint booth for sale is quick and the effect is good: The paint booth is a complete set of large equipment. The objects require pre-processing (such as polishing). This not only eliminates the drawbacks of manual processing but also improves work efficiency and paint quality.

  • Good working environment. In order to keep the air in the spray chamber clean, various spray paint booth types are used on filter devices, such as filter cotton, to filter the dust in the air entering the spray room, and the ventilation system of the spray chamber will ensure that the spray chamber has a sufficient air exchange rate to keep the air in it clean.

  • High working efficiency and guaranteed quality. Compared with purely manual operation, the low-cost paint booth is a mechanized "one-stop" service, and the work efficiency is several times, even dozens of times higher.

XMT, the China paint booth manufacturer, designs different types of paint booths according to customer's requests. All you need to do is to fill the table, and XMT will provide the most suitable affordable paint booth solution for you. If you want to buy paint booth, please feel free to contact us.

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