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Paint Line Conveyor Systems

Paint Line Conveyor Systems

In the industrial painting field of assembly line production, mechanized transportation equipment is the artery of painting production, especially in the modern automobile body painting workshop, it is an important equipment throughout the entire process of painting production line. In the mechanized painting line conveyor system, the mechanized transportation equipment can not only complete the tasks of conveying the coated objects (such as car body-in-white), hanging, and storing, but also achieve the coating process requirements, such as pretreatment, electrocoating, drying, and glue, automatic spraying, middle coating and topcoat, refinish paint, wax spraying and other process requirements (such as program action, lifting, variable pitch, variable speed, swinging and tilting workpieces, etc.), and removable data storage can also be installed to identify the type and color of the object to be coated, identify waste products, automatically count, perform production according to the given instructions, etc. to achieve the function of automating the coating line.

Paint Line Conveyor Systems by XMT Coating

With the rapid development of the car industry, the coating process has also made great progress. Except for joint ventures contracted by foreign paint line manufacturers, most of the domestic paint coating lines are designed and manufactured by China, especially mechanized transportation equipment. Apart from individual equipment, they are basically self-branded products. Even if it is a paint coating line contracted by a foreign painting line manufacturer, its mechanized transportation equipment is also manufactured by domestic manufacturers. From the input of the car body to the finished body, The entire production process can be implemented with automatic control operation. Mechanized transportation equipment has truly become the major artery of the paint coating line.

More about our Paint Line Conveyor Systems

Paint line conveyor system also plays a role in organization and coordination in the entire coating production system, which is the core of realizing labor-saving, automation and scientific management of coating operations. Its reliability (whether it can operate stably) will directly affect the production efficiency and quality of painting machinery and equipment. In recent years, various professional companies have developed many paint line conveyor systems with high automation and high efficiency for coating production.

The coating line conveyor has two types, one is suspension conveyor system, the other is ground conveyor system.

Suspension conveyor system has  power and free suspension chain system, die forging suspension chain, hanging upwards suspension chain, cross suspension chain system, heavy type power and free suspension chain system.

Ground chain system has ground hub wheels cross suspension chain system, light type ground chain system, heavy type ground die forging chain system, ground three tracks chain system, skid conveyor system for car paint shop,etc.

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