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Painting Line

Painting Line

XMT Coating designs the paint production line equipment according to customer's request, including customer's production capacity, requested processes, workpiece sizes, workpiece weight, surface paint film thickness, workshop size, and so on.

XMT Coating provides complete fully-automatic industrial paint production equipment for plastic, metal, and wood, such as metal coating line, PVC coating line, UV coating line, and so on.

  • E Coating Line

    E Coating Line

    E coating line is also called electrophoresis coating. It is including cathode and anode electrophoresis coating, at present, cathode coating is widely used in auto industry, auto parts area, articulate machine, motorcycle area, bicycle area, etc.
  • Spray Paint Line

    Spray Paint Line

    Spray painting line is used for motors, hub wheels, diesel engine, auto area, vehicles, machines, truck manufacturing area, oil tank, etc.
  • Powder Coating Line

    Powder Coating Line

    Powder coating line is also called electrostatic powder painting line, always be used in homeappliance, storage racking, auto plastic parts, electric cabinet.

Advantages of Painting Production Lines by XMT Coating

The electrophoresis painting line we produce is more automated and accurate, with a smaller accident rate, which can improve production efficiency, save costs, worries, and effort. Please contact us and we will also provide you with the most suitable solutions for painting production lines.

Comparison of Different Painting Production Lines

The paint production line includes a loading station, treatment system, moisture drying oven after pretreatment, force cooling chamber, undercoat painting booth, drying oven after painting, force cooling after painting, primer painting booth, primer drying oven, topcoat painting booth, topcoat drying oven, topcoat force cooling room, varnish painting room, varnish paint drying oven, varnish force cooling chamber, unloading station.

Painting Production Line FAQs

  • 1. Why we need automatic painting line?

    The automatic painting line can work continuously for 24 hours a day and the production speed is stable; it is equipped with environmental protection treatment equipment to reduce environmental pollution; and the use of an automatic painting line can save more labor costs.

  • 2. What kind of paint production line we provide?

    We have e coating line, spray painting line, powder coating line and supporting painting machinery and equipment. Just tell us your needs, we can also provide you with related solutions.

  • 3. What's the advanteges of XMT's coating production line?

    In addition to the basic advantages/features of the general coating production line, we provide high-quality paint production line equipment at a competitive price.

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