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Powder Coat Booth

Powder Coat Booth

Powder Coat Booth Category

  • Batch powder booths

  • Cartridge batch powder booths

  • Pass through powder booths

  • Lab powder booths

The Batch Powder Coating Paint Booth

XMT batch powder coating paint booth for sale has an open front design. It is very comfortable for small powder painting applications. It is a cost-effective powder coating equipment that can be used for small or large parts. The powder coating booth has an open face design and 3-stage filter system, in which the air is drawn in through the open front of the coating booth and passes through the booth's working area into the filtered exhaust plenum. The air is filtered through three stages and discharged back into the room.

The Cartridge Batch Powder Coating Spray Booth

XMT cartridge batch powder booths with an open front design are ideal for mid-size powder spray applications. To ensure cartridge filters remain clean, this coating booth is built with a purge control feature, which assures the safe operation of the coatings enclosure by maintaining the airflow at designed levels. During operation, powder accumulates on the cartridge filters, and as the cartridge filters load, airflow decreases and negative pressure rises within the air handler. A timer activates a system of air purging valves that clear the cartridge filters of accumulated powder to ensure maximum filter life.

Powder Coat Booth Features

The powder coat booth characters are heavy-duty construction, collector module, industry-leading lighting, control equipment, variable frequency controlled fan (VFD), quality fans and motors, air solenoid valve, meets quality performance standards, open front / open face powder coating booth design, mobile powder collecting hopper, simplified filter cartridge for changing. The powder recovery rate is up to 98%, and 10-15minutes fast color change.

The Pass-Through Powder Coating Paint Booth

XMT design passes through powder coating booth for online coating applications. The powder paint booth is used for the paint shop project, combined with the conveyor line, design the manual spray powder station and automatic powder spray station.

The XMT pass-through powder coat booth is precisely engineered to provide access for coating both sides using manual spray equipment, automatic spray equipment, or both. The conveyor slot at the top of the coating booth allows the racked parts to pass through the spray area with the conveyor installed above the booth.

The Lab Powder Coating Spray Booth

The versatile lab powder coat booth is engineered for small-batch, manual applications and includes a compact plenum design offering a larger work area. Extremely quiet and environmentally friendly, this powder coat booth is a perfect solution for operations with limited finishing space.

  • Heavy Duty Bolted Construction

  • Streamlined Modular Design

  • Extremely Quiet

  • Easy-to-Change Air Tight Filters

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