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Sand Blasting Machine

Sand Blasting Machine

The sandblasting machine for sale uses compressed air as the power to form a high-speed jet beam to spray the shot material (shot glass beads, steel shot, steel sand, quartz sand, emery, iron sand, sea sand) to the surface of the workpiece to be processed at high speed, so that the mechanical properties of the outer surface of the workpiece surface change.

Sandblasting Machine for Sale

More about China Sandblasting Machine

Due to the impact and cutting effect of the abrasive on the workpiece surface, the sandblasting machine for sale obtains a certain degree of cleanliness and different roughness on the surface of the workpiece to improve the mechanical properties of the workpiece surface. Therefore, the fatigue resistance of the workpiece is improved, the adhesion between it and the coating is increased, the durability of the coating film is extended, and it is also conducive to the leveling and decoration of the coating. The China sandblasting machine removes impurities, noise and oxidation on the surface. The layer is removed, and at the same time, the surface of the medium is roughened, so that the residual stress on the surface of the substrate and the effect of improving the hardness of the surface of the substrate.

The sandblasting machine is a very important paint coating machine.  It is divided into the automatic sandblasting machine and manual sandblasting machine. Choose different machines according to the characteristics of the workpiece. Also, the sandblasting machine price is a factor.

Most times, before starting the painting process, workpiece need to be treated by the sandblasting machine as pretreatment. The XMT, as one of the best sandblasting machine manufacturers, provides sandblasting machine china with a reasonable price.

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