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Spray Booth

Spray Booth

XMT, the china automatic spray booth manufacturer, provides reliable, cheap spray booth for painting automotive vehicles and parts. Designed small, medium, or big size shops, spray booth's with feature quality guaranteed, bright, color-corrected lighting, and effective drying and contamination control, it is a reliable, environment-friendly spray booth for sale.

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XMT design the spray booth according to customer's request, it is including the customer's production capacity, requested processes, workpiece sizes, workpiece weight, surface paint film thickness, workshop size, and so on. Before XMT engineer design the spray booth, XMT will send a design basis table to customer, the table listed all information needed for the design. 

Spray Booth FAQs

  • Is a spray booth necessary?

    The most important function of a spray booth is to contain paint overspray, keeping your employees and the environment safe. In addition to safety, quality can be significantly improved with a painting chamber. Enclosed spray booths offer a contaminant-free environment for better quality paint jobs.

  • What are spray booths?

    Spray booths provide a clean and controlled environment for finishing. The spray chamber is sealed to prevent dust and other particles from contaminating the internal air to ensure paint finish.

  • How does a spray booth work?

    The exhaust system is used to move the air in the spray booth to prevent the excess paint and harmful vapor generated during the spraying operation.

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