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Spray Paint Line

Spray Paint Line

When the workpiece needs to be coated with wet paint, it is important to use right pretreatment to treat the workpiece surface. The pretreatment includes sprinkle type pre-treatment, dipping type pretreatment, swimming pre-treatment, to ensure the workpiece's surface good adherence and durability. XMT, as one of the best paint line manufacturers, can design the good spray painting line solutions according to customer's requests.

Spray Coating Line By Application

XMT is a spray coating line manufacturer with rich experience in handling the spraying production line processes with wet paint and ensure the correct discharge of solvent-based paint. XMT's spray painting lines always comply with environmental requirements and provide safety for the operators.

The Manual Spray Painting Line For Wet Paint

When a customer's workpiece is variable and different sizes, it is better to use the manual spray coating line, and the initial investment is also smaller than the automatic spray coating line, the solution also will be considered as economics, safety, and the environment friendly.

The Automatic Wet Paint Spray Painting Line

When the customer's workpiece production capacity is big, and the workpiece shape is normally, choose an automatic spray coating line will be better.

However, XMT will design the painting line according to customers' paint chosen also, in common, it is including painting, drying processes. For the automated paint sprayer, XMT's experienced engineers and technicians make a difference when it comes to finding solutions that also consider space, logistics, and energy consumption.

Operators can use a horizontal or a vertical conveyor to transport the spraying line workpiece through the different treatments, the plants can handle items of different sizes thanks to the newest technology of dynamic scanning of moving objects in automated paint spray systems.

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