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Waste Water Treatment Equipment

Waste Water Treatment Equipment

XMT coating wastewater treatment equipment is widely used in the purification treatment of sewage produced by coating operation production lines in ships, automobiles, tractors and machinery manufacturing industries. The treated water can be recycled and used without discharge.

Features Of Coating Wastewater Treatment Machine:

  • Reasonable design, compact structure, small footprint, easy operation and use.

  • No need to renovate the spray booth, it can be used next to the spray room, so there is no need to construct large-scale sewage treatment plant equipment at high cost.

  • PLC control system, can be connected with computer host, real-time information feedback! (Can specify custom PLC control system)

  • After the sewage enters the reactor, the agent is automatically tracked and added at a fixed ratio to ensure the stability of the effluent quality. The whole sewage treatment process can be controlled automatically, and it can be linked with the power suppllied by the spray chamber.

  • The treated water becomes clear and transparent, COD value is reduced, no odor, no water replacement is needed for recycling, reducing water cost and water treatment cost.

  • Paint slag is automatically discharged from the machine to avoid blockage of water pumps and pipelines and prolong the service life of equipment, thus further reducing the cost of maintenance, repair and replacement of equipment.

XMT as one of the best wastewater treatment equipment manufacturers provides different types of wastewater equipment for sale.

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