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Woodworking Spray Booth

Woodworking Spray Booth

With the development of the coating industry, woodworking spray booths have also been greatly applied.

Woodworking spray booth is a kind of equipment for painting and dyeing the surface of the equipment. It can not only play a beautiful role in the equipment, but also protect the objects. Several measuring factors of the woodworking spray booth for sale are brightness, air flow, filtering effect, wall sealing effect, ensuring positive pressure, sealing effect of heating system, and heating speed.

Features of Woodworking Spray Booth

  • Good working environment: There is no dust when spraying in the woodworking spray booth, no paint mist in the room, and no pollution to the work piece when spraying. In order to keep the air in the spray booth clean, various types of booths are equipped with filter devices, such as filter cotton, used to filter the dust in the air entering the spray room, and the ventilation system of the spray chamber will make sure the air exchange rate in the woodworking spray chamber is sufficient to ensure the air in the spray booth is clean. It can be dried immediately after spraying, and it has the characteristics of high spraying efficiency, not affected by the weather and external environment, and high quality paint. 

  • Economical: Heating energy consumption is lower than ordinary paint room on average.

  • Low-carbon and environmentally friendly: The infrared generator uses high-tech materials and it has high efficiency of electric and heat conversion.

  • Long service life: The heating element has no starting impulse current, which effectively prolongs the service life of the system and avoids various failures that are easy to occur during the burner and heat exchange.

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