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The Structure and Design Points of Coating Production Line Spray Room

The Structure and Design Points of Coating Production Line Spray Room

Ⅰ. The structure of paint booth

Air supply and filtration system, workpiece hanging (conveying, rotation) device, water curtain system, water washing system, exhaust system, water tank, lighting device and booth.

Ⅱ. The principle of paint booth mist recovery

The recovery of paint mist can be divided into two parts: first, when the workpiece is sprayed, the paint mist and the water curtain collide and mix, and the water curtain will dissolve into part of the paint mist, then fall into the water tank. Second, through the gap at the bottom of the water curtain board, the paint mist which has not dissolved into the water curtain enters the water washing room, and it is fully mixed with the water mist emitted from the atomizing nozzle. Then it flows into the water tank after the gas-water separation settlement. Paint spray coagulant is added to the water tank regularly to form paint residue.

Ⅲ. The key points of paint booth design in coating production line

1. Determine the reasonable configuration form, and integrate with other equipment in coating production line.

2. Determine the reasonable horizontal average air velocity of the paint booth.

3. Reasonable matching of air supply and exhaust systems to ensure the micro positive pressure in coating production line.

4. The thickness of the water curtain should be uniform, and attention should be paid to the structure of the upper water tank and the distribution of the water supply pipeline.

5. The distance between the lower part of the water curtain board and the liquid level of the water tank should be reasonable.

6. The washing atomizing nozzle and pipeline should be easy to remove, replace and clean.

7. Gas-water separation settlement should be sufficient and easy to clean.

8. Ensure that the whole coating production line clean.

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