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The Trend of Mechanization of Coating has Come

The Trend of Mechanization of Coating has Come

It is an irresistible trend that the coating market's switching from manual construction to mechanical spraying. The advantages are obvious, it can not only improve construction efficiency but also can reduce the construction cost effectively.

The mechanical combustion unit of coating adopts a modular design, which can flexibly select burner units with different functions based on the heating capacity and installation space required by users, as well as combine into a burner based on the user's needs of the power and shape. The temperature uniformity of coating machinery is an important index to ensure the coating quality. It uses electrostatic powder spraying and other new technology, and has high power, suitable for active assembly line coating; it has a high power utilization rate and it is recyclable. Besides thermosetting epoxy resins, polyesters and acrylics, there are many thermoplastic grease-resistant coatings, such as polyethylene, polypropylene, polystyrene, fluorinated polyether, nylon, polycarbonate and various fluorinated resins. The equipment has a straight-through type and the bridge type, and the hot air circulation oven has good heat preservation.

In the coating market, why is machine coating recognized by the industry?

1. Its spraying pressure is uniform, and it is not affected by the weight of manual operation. High-pressure spraying improves the density of putty so that the base layer is denser and the quality is better.

2. The improved flattening tool is longer, and it has better flatness.

3. It uses a large-diameter sand disk, which can polish the plane in a large scale. And it guarantees the flatness enhancement.

4. Teams and groups work together, it divides labour meticulously and makes the types of work more professional. Specialization can be more refined and efficient.

5. The batching system of the host equipment has reliable performance, and it has high efficiency and good security.

There are many other advantages of machine coating: improving quality, improving efficiency, reducing the occupation of site area, reducing staff operation, reducing energy consumption, protecting the staff health and avoiding environmental pollution.

Nowadays, it is time for the opportunity of industrial concept upgrading and technology updating of coating industry, machine coating construction in the future has become a trend in the development of the industry.

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