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What Are the Advantages of Dry Spray Booth?

What Are the Advantages of Dry Spray Booth?

I. What is the dry spray booth?

The spray booth is the working area of painting workers. Dry spray booth is a type of spray booth, which is named because the paint mist separation device does not use water in the process of separating the painting mist while adopts a dry way to separate the painting mist. The dry spray booth is composed of static and static pressure room, indoor airbrush booth, paint mist separation room and exhaust system. The painting mist separation room is provided with a painting mist separation device.

The dry spray booth uses the painting mist baffle blocking system and the painting mist filter system to collect and capture the painting mist produced during the spray painting. In the front of the painting mist filter system, the painting mist baffle blocking system is used as the coarse filter to reduce the burden of the painting mist filter system. The filtering efficiency of paint mist through paint mist filtering system is up to 99%. Dry spray booth has the advantages such as excellent technology, high purification rate, no pollution, low operating cost, easy usage and easy maintenance.


II. The advantages of dry spray booth

1. No water circulation system and slag removal system, and low investment;

2. Simple operation and maintenance without professional personnel;

3. Low production of solid waste

4. Small footprint and saving construction area

5. No consumption of water and no wastewater generation;

6. Do not consume chemical agents;

7. No water circulation and low noise in spray booth;

8. The collected painting mist has a high combustion value and can be used as fuel.


At present, dry spray booth is recognized as one of the most technically complete automatic spray booth in the world. It has completely changed the situations such as serious pollution, undesirable paint mist treatment, poor safety, unstable performance and the inadequacy in environmental protection of the work area in old spray booth.

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