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What Are the Requirements for Machine Coating? How to Maintain Machinery When Seasons Change?

What Are the Requirements for Machine Coating? How to Maintain Machinery When Seasons Change?

What coating requirements are required for machine coating?

1. Film thickness. Painted products generally require a certain thickness of coating film, which requires spraying several times.

2. Hardness. The important point of the coating film is that it must have high hardness to prevent collision and friction. Generally speaking, the hardness of baking paint is higher than that of self-drying paint, so the baking process should be used as much as possible in the design.

3. Adhesion. Coating adhesion is an important indicator of mechanical strength. The key to adhesion is pretreatment, and a reliable pretreatment process is shot peening. Therefore, the structural parts are generally shot blasted.

4. Weather resistance. Painting machinery and equipment generally works in an outdoor environment, so it is necessary to use paint with good weather resistance.

5. Luster. The gloss of the coating depends on the degree of atomization of the spraying equipment. The finer the atomization, the better the gloss, so airless spray with better atomization should be used as much as possible.

So how should the painting machinery be maintained during the seasonal change?

1. The painting machinery should be maintained once a year in different seasons before entering summer or winter. The focus is on the combustion system, hydraulic system, cooling system and starting system. According to the actual situation, the following work needs to be done: replace the lubricating oil and hydraulic oil, adjust the relative density of the battery electrolyte, take anti-cold or cooling measures, and clean the cooling system.

2. When mechanical equipment needs to be shut down for a period of time due to seasonal factors (such as winter vacation), it should be shut down for maintenance. Mainly do cleaning, plastic surgery, matching and anti-corrosion work. The production department shall formulate corresponding maintenance plans according to the use plans of various paint sprayers, and require all machine operators to implement them carefully to ensure the maintenance of all paint sprayers and increase paint output.

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